As a young child growing up in Edinburgh, Scotland, I occupied myself painting and drawing, cutting and gluing, and my favourite, making things out of baking dough. It would be many years until I actually got my hands into real clay. I always knew I would go to art school, and attended Vancouver school of art, where I took drawing, painting, and sculpture. My second year of art school was in Graz, Austria, as their first foreign student…still no clay! For my 3rd. year, back in Vancouver, I finally got on the potters’ wheel and fell in love. I made good friends with the night guards and janitors, who let me stay in the studio as late as I wished. In my 4th year, I taught pottery all over the lower mainland, and then full time at a private pottery school on 4th ave., and at Langara college. I also ran classes from my studio in White Rock and Chilliwack. When I moved to Nelson to ski and raise my two young sons, I taught pottery to Japanese students at Canadian international college, until they closed. 

I love clay and making pots, and have become known as the “piggy lady” and that’s o.k.