Throw-Down Testimonials 

I found that a LOT of info was very successfully crammed into a short amount of time and it has left me feeling encouraged and excited to continue learning. The throw down was a great mixture of instructional time and personal time to learn and discover individually. It was a wonderful introduction to pottery and I am so happy to have had it as a solid foundation for continued learning. – Rosie Metcalfe

Highly recommend the Throwdown. We dove in and dove deeply, and came out the other side with beautiful objects. – Laura Lundre

Diane is my favourite pottery teacher in Nelson (have had several). So much skill, passion, and caring. Wonderful clay selection of glazes. The Throwdown was intensive with lots of immersion and a great balance with instruction. I FINALLY learned to throw after failing in past courses – Karin Gavae

Diane and Sierra had so much knowledge that they shared with the students. Always there to provide suggestions, guidance and positive feedback. – Lynn Stephenson

I am in a wheelchair and Diane’s studio was so wheelchair accessible! Such a positive experience! There was NO stairs, but Diane provided a ramp over the door transition. She has a potter’s wheel with a hand control, as all wheel have foot pedals. She provided me with a shorter table to work on. Very comfortable! – Lynn Stephenson

eARTh studio’s throw-down was an excellent opportunity to learn – with zero previous experience – to confidently throw, trim, and glaze a range of beginner and intermediate level projects. The full days allowed for plenty of practice in order ro solidify the steps, techniques and concepts taught. Diane and Sierra were supportive and fun to work with!  – Lisa Henderson

The throw-down was an amazing introduction to pottery with the right mix of instruction and hands on work. Lots of one on one support from the instructors. – Heather Mitchell

eARTh community clay studios is a vibrant fun studio, where you can discover the joy of working with this ancient medium.  – Gabriel Blondin

As a beginner, the pottery throw-down was a great introduction. It was so nice to have condensed classes to really practice what we were learning.  – Hayley Mackay

Diane’s intensive throw-down is exactly what it sounds like. Your days are jammed packed. However how Diane presents her information and instruction doesn’t feel rushed. She’s relaxed and a natural teacher. As an experienced potter I feel like I came away from the course with a new sense of visor and inspiration for clay! It’s a must for any potter who is new or old, Diane has a wealth of knowledge to share. It was so much fun and I will probably attend another!  – Kristen

I loved my time at eARTh Studios. The instructors are skilled and extremely knowledgable. They create an open and caring learning environment that allows students to take risks, receive feedback and find their own take on the art form. Sierra is an absolute gem of a teacher. A true natural. I appreciate her patience and loving approach to teaching. – Kathleen

Diane kicks ass. They both provide in-depth knowledge regarding each step of clay. They have wonderful energy. – Tory Johnston

Going to open studio was like visiting old friends. The doors always open (from 6-9 Wednesday and 3-6 Saturday) and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. – Marley

A welcoming space with good creative vibes! – Andrea Z

I am a beginner on the wheel and it was a delight to be guided on this creative tactile wonderful adventure with clay and glaze. The instructors are super welcoming and generous with their knowledge. – Heather Budy

Excellent savvy and delivery of lots of important info and guidance. Wonderful encouragement to play. – Alison

The studio atmosphere is so conducive to learning. Sierra and Diane are wonderful teachers and I look forward to every class.

Diane has a vast wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share with everyone. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. – Sierra Kelly

Earth Clay Studios is a warm, welcoming playful, inclusive environment. The instructors are passionate about teaching and their love of science, art, and the alchemy of flow and from shines forth with each class. Can’t wait for my next session!!! – Sarah

“My mom and I signed up for the beginner wheel class on Saturday mornings and we had a fabulous time! We were greeted at the studio doors with warm smiles, as everyone came for their first class. Diane Walters is very passionate about pottery and she showed that when she gave us a tour of the studio and described the different types of glazes and showed us pottery that other students had tried and produced! We were all provided with our very own clay and aprons to protect our clothes and then left in the hands of our other instructor for the morning. She demonstrated different techniques, on the wheel, to show us how to make our very own mug. She made it look so easy! Afterwards, we were set free to our own clay creations and the class was full of excitement, giggles and smiles as the clay took form to whatever we were able to make it. A few of us even made clay Rainbows! Who knew that getting splattered with clay would be so much fun! My mom and I are now addicted to this class and can not wait for our next one to take place. We will be learning how to finish the bottoms of our mugs and place handles on them, if we choose. We highly recommend that everyone tries pottery at least once! Thanks Diane for offering this in our community, we are definitely glad that we singed up!” – Julie & Leanna Kozak