NEW THIS FALL with Smaller classes!
eARTh’s Wheel Evening Classes, Hand-building a Teapot workshop, Intermediate Thrown, and Altered Wheel Class & Learn to make your own plaster mold for cups! ALSO… NEW JEWELRY WORKSHOP and GEM Trunk Show!

 eARTh Studios is hosting a beginner and intermediate
Wheel World Class for 7 weeks starting on September 21,22, and has been reduced to 4 pottery enthusiasts only. 
This 2.5 hour class runs from 7-9:30 . New skills and old tricks will be introduced to brand-new and intermediate potters. 
$335 for workshop + taxes (Clay, glazes and firing included.)

Hand-building Teapot  afternoon class starting September 26th  
Make a  slab teapot and cups in this 5 week workshop 
Classes will run from 2-4:30 for 4 weeks with a Glaze Oct 10th. 
$335 for workshop + taxes (Clay, glazes and firing included.)

Thursday afternoon Intermediate Thrown and altered! 
This workshop is designed for Intermediate potters who want to try altered wheel work.Make the round square or find those curves in new ways!  It begins on Thursday Sept 24th 2-4:30  for 7 weeks.
$335 for workshop + taxes (Clay, glazes and firing included.)

Slip Cast Mold Making Workshop

Bring a bisque fried mug and learn to cast your own mold. One cup will be fired and glazed as part of this workshop. 

First 2 Sessions 3 hours long
Second 2 Sessions 1 hour long

Saturday 2-5 pm – November 7th to November 28th
$165 + taxes. Materials included. 

Open Studio offers a place to connect with your creative self among others who are also exploring the possibilities with the clay medium. This evening is non-instructional. Everything you need is available to you for hand-building (extruders, slab rollers, and banding wheels) as well as 4 wheels available for reserve. Please call to reserve at this time.
Begins Oct 7th, 2020

Course Fees:

  • $20 for 3 hours 
  • Mid-fire Clay $35
  • Firing and glazing fees are on a per item or per shelf basis.

EARTh Studios Dug A Little Deeper!

Introducing new Jewelry Workshops and Gem Trunk k show! 

Unusual Stone Setting – September 11th, 10-5 p.m

Sand Cast Rings – September 12th, 10-5 p.m.

Dome Back Set Pendant – September 13th, 10-5 p.m.

Wine and Cheese Gem Trunk Show September 11th,  7-10 p.m. 

If interested in our nextr wheel or hand building workshop  it would be wise to register now with a $50 deposit fee. (call or email first to check availability)Check our calendar 

Like us on Facebook (icons below), Twitter, Instagram to stay in touch with the latest developments at the studio.

We look forward to creating out of the eARTh with you this Fall! 

Hope to see you here!

– Diane 

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