Since I’ve started here at eARTh Studios, the studio has been cleaned head to toe, and classes are in full swing.

I’ve helped clean almost every shelf and reorganize all our tools for easier use for everyone, leaving the studio with an uplifted feeling ready to welcome you all home again. We have even revised the lighting, with new light bulbs where needed and new lights added for extra light to be able to see every detail of your work. The slips have been updated with the addition of a new colour to the studio: Deep Orchid. New sample tiles for slip will be fired and ready soon. Our beloved kiln is under repair right now but I’ve clean out all the old glaze from it so it too will be ready for use once it’s been fixed. Our chalkboard has been updated to a new M.C. Richards quote and scene that I’ve created for everyone to enjoy.

We have had two open studios so far with a couple throwers attending and working on their skills and one hand builder who has returned from the last sculpture class. We have a full beginner throwing class on Mondays and an a full intermediate throwing class on Tuesdays. Wednesday from 7-9pm are open studio’s, first come, first serve, as well on Saturday 3-5pm. Thursdays we have a tween class full of kids loving and ready to learn more about working with clay. Than we have another beginner wheel class Thursday nights starting this week that is also a full class.

Come for our next open studio this Wednesday 7-9, we’d love to see you.

Cheers Sierra

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