Handmade Tiles

Course Description

Have you ever admired a tile and wanted to make your own unique tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or wall piece? This workshop held over two Saturdays teaches you how to form and sculpt your own designs on a 6×6 tile, then instructs you how to make a unique plaster mold from your finished piece. After this work is complete you will have one completed and glaze fired tile and mold with which you can make many more!

Course Fees

$225 + $35 for clay + taxes.
Glazes and firing included in first bag of clay for free.

Day and Time/Instructors

Date and Time TBA
Diane Walters

Primitive Firing Workshop

eARth Studios holds several Primitive Firing workshops per year as a fundraiser to support a women’s Land Trust Community endeavor in Sproule Creek, in Taghum.

Participants bring a bisque or raw pot (dry) to place in the Primitive sawdust kiln firing on an afternoon in late Spring or early Fall, then return 24 hours later to find their piece smoke fired and imbued with the colour of ash, earth.

All pieces are non-functional only. Two pieces per person.
If you do not have a piece come to an open studio session and make something for the fire!

Donation fee for firing: $20-40 sliding scale.

Teapot Demonstration Workshop

eARTh Studios host a Teapot demonstration workshop several times a year on a TBA basis.

A guest instructor with extensive experience is asked to demonstrate the making of a teapot in all stages. Participants watch, learn and return to an open studio to try it out for themselves!

Time: 3 hours date: TBA

Cost: $50.

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Classes fill up quickly! Call to confirm there is space, then save your spot with a $50 seat deposit.