Course Description

This workshop is developed over the course of six weeks and designed for both beginner and intermediate ceramicists who delight in learning from the clay, how it speaks, stands, falls and moves off the wheel!

We will begin with a personal experience of the clay medium through sculptural pinch techniques followed by an introduction to slab building possibilities using studio Slump and Hump Molds.

 Surface design techniques will be introduced and expanded upon.  Demonstrations include inlay colour designs and marbling, slip trailing, sgraffito, stamp and textured rollers. 

A glaze extravaganza will occur in the 6th week.

Course Fees

$290 + $35 per bag of clay + taxes.
Glazes and firing included in first bag of clay for free.

Day and Time/Instructors

Diane Walters/Liz Boutette

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