2019 Wheel World Intensives!

We are pleased to host new WHEEL Intensives in Jan/Feb/March! These wheel Worlds are INTENSE and hands on! 3 Saturdays = 18 hours of instruction.  First Workshop 6 hour days! Saturday Jan 12/10-4 Throwing Saturday Jan 19th/10-4 Trimming Saturday Feb 2 /10-4 Glazing Workshop Intensive #2 Saturday Feb 23/10-4 Throwing Saturday March 2 /10-4 Trimming Saturday

Wheel Throw Down!

 eARTh Studios hosted our first beginner and intermediate Wheel World Throw Down in January 2017. The results spoke for themselves, as new and old potter’s alike threw cups and bowls in series challenging themselves to stay with the process in this intensive weekend. Sierra and I noticed the difference between an 8 week class and a